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Welcome to the international website of Tango Therapy!

Tango Therapy can be applied in cases of pre-existing physiological as well as psychological conditions. Courses in Tango Therapy are also offered in preventative as well as curative situations. 

Following the links, you will find examples of physiological and neurological disorders as well as psychological problems which can all be treated.

The techniques of body language and their interpretation become increasingly relevant for science and the management of economics ('the body does not lie'). Decisive abilities of character and capacities like social behaviour, team spirit, leadership qualities and dealing with new challenges can be determined by Tango Therapy concepts unequivocally. See link

We have an international network of trainers and therapists who focus on diverse areas. We therefore offer specialist lectures and one-day seminars, but also training to become trainers of Tango Therapy.

Furthermore we offer an annual 2-weeks' trip within our inclusion project. Everybody regardless of pre-existing conditions, age, previous knowledge, or relationship status can take part in several courses,  excursions and dances.

Becoming a Tango Therapist. Four days training to have the
"Certification Neurotango© by Simone Schlafhorst"
in Sweden from 5 - 8 of March, Stockholm

Trainer of Tango Therapy are coming from the following work areas and working with target groups like :
neurologic diseases, adipositas, burn out, borderline patientents, coming over losses, couple therapy, sociophobia, motoric rehabilitation, psycologic rehabilitation, high sensitive persons, management coaching, geriatric, Cardio-vascular diseases, stroke, single courses

Trainer target group
dance therapists, occupation therapists, physio therapists, psychologists, tango trainer, professionals working in medicine and health related jobs.
Special model for neuro-motoric training applying to neurologic diseases as alzheimer, dementia, parkinson, ms.

Content and aim of the therapeutical tools of Tango Therapy
By using the 10 Tango Therapy tools the participants will be able to make a 10 lessons concept for their specialial, individual target group. To develop a single lesson with a structure adapted to the abilities of the participants and the intended improvement. 
The technics and tools can either be adapted in an existing therapy concept or standing alone as Tango Therapy concept for the above mentioned target groups.

The course will be held in English.


Registration 'Neurotango©' as a word mark
In July 2016, the term 'Neurotango' was registered as a word mark in the Federal Register of the German Patent and Trademark Office. In future, certified trainers may claim the title Trainer Neurotango© subject to fulfilling certain conditions .

Certification 'Practical coach of Tango Therapy'
Certified on 11 June 2016th 'Practical coach of Tango Therapy'. Already operating in Emden - gerontopsychatry, Bochum - LWL Clinic, detention centres in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hansmann House Dortmund, Parkinson Group Unna.

2nd wave university study Tango Therapy
The Witten/Herdecke University investigated the efficacy of Tango Therapy or Tai Chi on the quality of life and functional mobility of people with Parkinson's disease in a controlled study.
A summary of the international studies on Tango therapy within the last 3 years has been written by Désirée Lötzke for the scientific work on this study.

Much press coverage about trainers of Tango Therapy according to neuromotor concept by Simone Schlafhorst
7 August 2015 Cronica TV - Buenos Aires: Interview about Tango Therapy for International Tango Therapy Congress
Ruhr-Nachrichten Lünen: 1 Juli 2015
22 June 2015 WDR TV 'Lokalzeit': 'Tango against forgetting'
Bild newspaper: 28 April 2015
Ruhr-Nachrichten Dortmund 19 April 2016: 'Parkinson-Patienten trainieren Gedächtnis mit Tango'
WAZ  Witten: 30 April 2016 'Tango – dancing to combat the tremor'

Training to become Trainer of Tango Therapy:
for dance therapists, ergotherapists, physiotherapists, Tango coaches and people in medical or health-related professions who do their work with a love of people. Become a Trainer of Tango Therapy:here are the new dates for 2016.more Please enquire locally about training opportunities for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and physiological and psychotherapeutic schools. more..

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