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Tango Therapists
Trainer for Tango Therapy
Neuromotor concept according to S. Schlafhorst

Since the beginning of 2015 we have been offering 3 levels (one-day seminars) of training for trainers of Tango Therapy.

Content and dates 2018:

Becoming a Tango Therapist. Four days training to have the
"Certification Neurotango© by Simone Schlafhorst"
in Sweden from 4th - 7th of June 2018 in Sweden
Ausbildung Zertifikat Neurotango©
Fjällgatan 23 B
116 28 Stockholm
+46 8-641 54 94
Please send your registration to Liis Danielsson:
Seminar price: 1.400 Euro

Level I – Basic and Orientation Workshop
One-Day Seminar
Introductory and orientation workshop with the fundamental objective of providing general applications and integration into existing therapy concepts of the participants (content- and resource-oriented).

Effectiveness, neuromotoric basis of the concept and historical development.

Resources and techniques of Argentine tango for exercises which train several areas of the brain simultaneously. Linking reasoning and movement, as well as emotional sensations which boost the storage processes of movement. Influences of musical impulses on cognitive and motor abilities.

General principles of Tango Therapy and its application areas: for example, Down syndrome, social phobia, dependencies, cardiovascular, pain management, depression, dementia, and use in geriatric psychiatry.

Another goal of the one-day seminar is to draw up personal possibilities and resources of the future trainers in order to determine special applications or integration into existing therapy concepts.

Please register early at: or Tel.: 0046 (0)732 55 49 15

Level II Workshop 1:
- Participation only after previous participation in the foundations and orientation seminar
Length: two one-day workshop seminars

Structure of the training concept with practical exercises for neuromotor stimulation
+ Psychotango - psychological effects and psychomotor exercises

Theoretical part: studies and literature to the development of tango therapeutic exercises.
Fundamentals for effectiveness in physical, psychological and cognitive areas.
Didactics and design of the Tango Therapy session (points I - IV).

Outline and structure of Tango Therapy training in nine parts.
I Welcome
II Personal assessment wellness
III Motivational part
IV Preliminaries (warming up the brain) in a circle of chairs
V Preliminary exercises standing – preparation through balance or coordination exercises
VI Main part partner dance
VII Personal assessment wellness
VIII Chill out
IX dismissal

Practical part:
Practical exercises to psychological objectives.
The symbolic body language in tango - the body does not lie.
Processing of emotions through physical expression 'from the inside out'
e.g. caused by loss (of a loved one, home, identity, property, culture), or by trauma, loneliness

Level II Workshop 2:
Part II of the form and structure of the training concept with practical exercises for neuromotor stimulation
+ Psychotango - psychological effects and psychomotor exercises

Didactics and design of the Tango Therapy session (points V - IX).
Exercises with regard to content and realisation of a Tango Therapy session with chosen target group.
Psychomotor exercises part II.
Organisation and get-together of Tango Therapy trainers.

Photo: Scharper

Level III

Didactics and training practice of Tango Therapy trainers.

Practical seminar for the teaching of Tango Therapy in various fields of application. Practical application in courses with different problems and resulting difficulties for participants with physical and / or mental health problems. Personal handling and processing.

Phases of psychological and motor change in participants such as temporary uncertainty through changing physical equilibrium.

Safety precautions and attentiveness for participants during exercises.

Protection through insurance.

Final certification 'Practical Tango Therapy Trainer' Neurotango©

Training to become a tango therapist

Limited participants (10 - 20). Please registrate as soon as possible.

Please register early at:
Liis Danielsson or Tel.: 0046 (0)732 55 49 15

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